Welcome to the Freedom Rider Range and Ezy Fold Range's of 3 Wheel Folding Electric Powered Mobility Scooters... 

Unfolds in just in 10 seconds or less...   Aircraft, Coach, and Bus friendly too.....

also..... the all new Imoving A1 4 Wheel Wheelchair/ Mobility Scooter and Model F4 Auto Fold Mobility Scooter

Freedom Rider F3.... 3 wheel  Electric Folding Mobility Scooter

with Remote Key Fob Locking and Personal Alarm

Folds in 10 seconds.....

Youtube Link.........https://youtu.be/ztnCCkGBYyQ

This has the same looks and facilities of the Freedom F1&F2 Mobility Scooter but with two specific                          additional features that customers asked us provide to enable them to move the scooter
in and out of the car much easier and provide a security locking system with a personal alarm.
Now its here..........

Splits in two managable pieces

One piece holding the drive wheel, controls and steering....... Weight 16 Kg

The second piece .... holds the seat, and back wheels back rest............. Weight 14 Kg

Rather pacticle dont you think.

Also a recent addition. 

Fob key security and alarm system, so when the use parks outside the shops the scooter is safe, and should anybody other than the owner touch the scooter an alarm will go off..... also has a personal/panic alarm.... just in case you need assistance.....anywhere... omits a loud bleeping sound

Separating the scooter into two managable pieces could not be any easier

By simply lifting two bars to the centre of the scooter when folded the two parts part company, and joining the two pieces could not be simpler by lining up the two pieces snap the two bars and just like magic the two pieces are one again...

Make your life a little easier,and give you the comfort of knowing that when walking becomes a little more hard the Freedom Rider F2S will be there for you.  

               Separates into two managable pieces                     16 Kg and 14Kg

F3 Model With Remote Key Fob/Personal alarm
Price  £1980.00
Free Delivery by specialist courier

F2 Model as above features
but without Remote  Fob Key /Personal Alarm installed

Price £1899.00
Delivery Free by specialist courier

​No Vat charged with a Tax Exemption Certificate

Always Ex Demonstration models in stock please ask

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