Welcome to the Freedom Rider Range and Ezy Fold Range's of 3 Wheel Folding Electric Powered Mobility Scooters... 

Unfolds in just in 10 seconds or less...   Aircraft, Coach, and Bus friendly too.....

also..... the all new Imoving A1 4 Wheel Wheelchair/ Mobility Scooter and Model F4 Auto Fold Mobility Scooter

Product information
The Freedom Rider Range Model F1 &  F4 Auto Fold and
Model L1 Fully folding 3 Wheel Mobility Scooters

Freedom Rider F1 Mobilty Scooter
Please Note this model does not seperate into two parts

Max loading ………...110kg (242 lbs or 17 Stones)
Max Speed…………...6.4 miles per hour 8.3Km/hr
Max Range………..... 35Km (20 miles)
Climb Capability…....about 12 degrees
Battery…………….....48 Volt 10.40m Ah Lithium Ion
Motor Power……......250Watt Brushless…… Front Wheel Drive
Size Unfolded…….....Length 125 x 58.5 Wide x 98cm
Braking system……..EABS Brakes Electronic & Power Off Brake
Material……………...Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy
Wheels……………….Hard Tyres 8 inch    
Charge Time……...... 4 Hours   
Colours………………White (stock) blue, black red 
Weight ……………....30Kg

Model F2 The scooter splits in two pieces for ease of moving and storage.

14kg weight

16kg weight

Features of the Freedom Rider F1 Mobility Scooter

* Easy and simple to open in 15 seconds or less...

* Two push button speeds. Low Speed 3km per hour..... High speed 8km per hour

* Aircraft Friendly so you can take the scooter on holday without the need for hiring a scooter abroad

Light aluminium alloy frame makes the scooter light and very strong

Compact size allows you to transport and store at home in a closet

With the front wheel drive allows full control of the scooter at all times.

* Electronic braking gives you confidence driving on hillly areas.

* Charge the battery on or off the scooter

* 35Km (20 miles) Range on one full charge

* Key fob/personal alarm can be installed to this model (optional at extra cost )

Note, this model does not seperate in two halves for this feature go to the F2S model


The Freedom Rider F1 is delivered to your door ready assembled in secure packing to ensure safe transportation.
The cost of delivery is FREE to all Mainland UK addresses, should you live outside of the stated area we would be pleased to arrange delivery at a small additional cost.
Included in the delivery is a battery charger, and the owners manual, and simple unfolding instuctions.
Delivery Time 
Please allow 7 days for our stock colour white to be delivered to you from the receipt of your payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer or Credit Card
​Remember on ordering to include your prefered choice of colour
Credit card payment taken over the phone

Price £1589.00           Prefered payment by PayPal

No Vat with Tax Exemption Certificate

Always Ex Demonstation and used scooters available.... please ask
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The Freedom Rider L1

Looks just like the F1 (above model) but has three distinct differences 

Hand-braking on the left side of the handle bars so the rear drum brakes are controled by the user by squezzing the brake lever .... just like a push bike.

The scooter when folded does not split into two pieces. Weight 28kg
Speed 15Km/hr

Drum bracking system 

The Freedom Rider L1 is the most recent developement by our factory for those users unable to have the dexterity on the normal electronic braking and accelaration thumb controls replacing this with drum brakes and the lever on the handlebars.
The price is right too.
Please allow 7 days for delivery white held in stock other colours available on 21 day delivery

Credit Card payments taken over the phone

Price £1650.00 No Vat with exemption certificate

Freedom Rider L1 with Hand Braking

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The Freedom Rider F4 Auto Fold Model

Looks like the F1 and F2 Freedom Rider Models with the same specification, but with one sinificant upgrade, it has the facility to unfold and fold remotely by a small key fob.

The video to the left shows how by a simple push of the remote locking button opens and closes the scooter automatically

Please note this auto fold scooter does not seperate into two pieces. 


Range .....35/40 Km on one full charge


Weight ....28Kg

Credit Cards payments taken over the phone

Price £2450.00 No Vat with tax exeption certificate
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Model F4 Auto Fold Video (Press the arrow)

 Available only in White and black seat and footplate